Database System Design and Development

We at 4sat utilize the latest technologies more efficiently and offer database system design and development services that provides you a competitive edge in your business. We offer these services to different sectors like e-commerce, financial and healthcare etc. Our database applications are flexible, client-centric and designed to suit your business needs.
Data modeling is the first step before conceiving, designing or developing a database. On the other hand databases forms the base for other types of business processes or solutions such as data warehousing, data mart, data reporting, data mining, data analysis, data auditing, etc.
Our expertise in data modeling, data reporting, data warehousing, data mining ensures that the database management system is designed and developed to suit the present needs and the futuristic necessities of your business.
We have a dedicated team of professionals highly skilled in database system design and development and having expertise in handling variety of database tools.
Our services are targeted both for small inventory display or a complex integrated system application such as financial services etc. We also assist you in selecting the right technology and the right platform for designing and developing database application that will meet the long term vision of your company.
We lay special emphasis in database system design and development process in order to build a robust application. Our experienced design and development team ensure that the database application is well-designed and programmed to prevent any breach of security of the data, as a non-secured database product or a database product without fool-proof coding/programming has a potential risk towards safety and security of the entire database of sensitive information.

Our database design and development process involves the following stages:

  • Analyzing business process and defining business requirements
  • Preparing detail design specifications
  • Planning the resources available and scheduling timelines.
  • Developing initial design/prototype for client's review.
  • Incorporating the review and developing the database application
  • Testing components and integrated system.
  • Preparing installation files and final deliverables.
  • Providing Technical support/documentation on the final deliverables.
  • Maintaining/upgrading the database application based on further business requirements.